Guide on Writing Great Wedding Invitation Messages with Samples

It’s not always easy to plan weddings. From venue selection
to food tasting, giveaways to invitations – more often than not, it’s a
challenge, and people sometimes get a hard time choosing the right approach.
is here to provide you with some tips in getting just the right amount of style
– not too fancy, not too stiff – in preparing for your wedding, more
specifically, writing your wedding invitation messages. Let’s discuss how to
make your wedding invitation messages sound exactly how you and your guests
want it to. Traditional wedding invite wording sounds either too formal
or too unfriendly. You don’t want that. You want your guests to feel at ease
and you want to sound like yourself, making the invitation sound personal
enough – like you’re there, talking them into celebrating with you. With that
said, here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your wedding invitation
messages. Keep it simple. If we can get any clearer than that, use
simple English – or …

A New Bride's Guide to Changing Her Name

After the wedding comes the burdensome task of changing your name with academic and legal authorities. So much so that some new wives end up procrastinating because it isn't exactly anyone's idea of fun. US babes, here's how. 
If you've considered everything and still want to change
your name, then make the process less painless by following the steps in our
very short ‘A New Bride's Guide to Changing Her Name’ video. Simply make a
note as the video plays to learn what steps you may need to take. You'll find
that some areas require more attention and paperwork than others, but keep in
mind that you only need to do this once! Make copies of all the documents for
your records, just in case.

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